Black Cabs v Uber Litigation 2021


  • BULit21 is a new legal action against Uber on behalf of London Black Cab drivers
  • It targets Uber’s unlawful bookings operation
  • There is no cost or financial risk involved in registering and pursuing legal action through RGL.
  • Legal costs will be paid on behalf of claimants; should the claims not be successful, the defendant’s costs will be covered by insurance and will not be payable by the claimants.
  • Claimant drivers get the significant majority of legal recoveries
  • BULit21 is managed by RGL Management Limited (RGL), highly experienced in group litigation using top-tier lawyers
  • Each driver’s claim in this black cab legal action is likely to be worth up to £25,000

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Pay nothing until success

BULit21 claimant drivers pay nothing until RGL’s black cab legal action is successful.
RGL arranges funding to pay all fees, and expenses of drivers’ claims. We also mitigate risk, arranging insurance, indemnities and other security to fully cover and exclude the costs risk if drivers’ claims do not succeed.

Drivers receive significant majority of proceeds

BULit21 claimant drivers will receive the significant majority of proceeds recovered from Uber in RGL’s group legal action against Uber

The remainder is used to pay for:

  • Reimbursement of fees and expenses funded during the legal action
  • Funder’s success fees,
  • Insurance premiums to cover drivers’ costs risk
  • Lawyers’ success fees
  • RGL’s fees

A financial illustration will be provided after you register.

Potential claim value

RGL anticipates that an individual driver’s claim could be worth up to £25,000

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