About RGL Management & BULit21

The RGL team possesses extensive expertise and experience in law, investment banking, accountancy, corporate operational management and claimant group communication, all essential for managing large complex legal actions.

An operation based in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, with a support team in Shropshire, RGL has a strong reputation for building groups of claimants and pursuing legal action against large corporates and financial institutions.

Any RGL claimant group is represented by a top tier legal team and armed with the necessary funding and insurance protection to match any defendant’s lawyers and resources. This creates the fire power and level playing field essential to succeed against a large, well-financed defendant such as Uber.

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Inclusive Legal Fees

Putting the funding and insurance package together also means there is no cost or financial risk to claimants in pursuing the group legal action, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

RGL is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activity. Registration number: FRN 833132, recorded on www.fca.org.uk

For more information about RGL and how we operate, please visit our What We Do page.